Longtime Assemblyman Running for Re-Election

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JAMESTOWN – Longtime GOP New York State Assemblyman, Andrew Goodell, lays out the steps his campaign plans to tackle. 

Acknowledging multiple problems that the state currently faces, he explains what issues should be resolved.

“There’s a couple of really big challenges, both locally and statewide that I’m focused on. Statewide, my focus is on what we can do to keep energy costs lower, to address inflation, to improve our employment picture here in Chautauqua County and statewide, and to improve public safety,” said Goodell.

For Chautauqua County, one problem the Republican sees is its lake. He explains that Chautauqua Lake is essential to the area’s economy, and enjoyment. 

“Of course a real big issue locally, through most of our county and the central part is the quality of Chautauqua Lake,” explained Goodell.

One pressing issue that the Assemblyman would like to address is one that affected him on a personal level.

“Sometimes it takes a little while before my colleagues recognize there are ramifications to what they do. We eliminate bail for 400 crimes, crime goes through the roof, as you know my car was stolen in Albany out of a secure lot! The guy totaled it in six hours. It took me longer to walk to work the next day than it did for him to get released without bail.”

“As you know, the state legislature over my objections, my caucus objection, eliminated bail for over 400 crimes and as a result you can commit a very serious felony here in New York State and you’re given the equivalent of a traffic ticket,” said Goodell.

For Assemblyman Goodell, public safety is a priority, and he hopes to make improvements not only for Chautauqua County, but for all of the state.


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