House Passes Right To Contraception Bill, How Local Members Voted

Architect of the Capitol / CC BY 2.0

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House passed a bill that would establish a right in federal law for people to obtain and use contraceptives. 

The final vote came down to 228 to 195. Congressional Democrats put this legislation on the floor after Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas questioned if the Court should reconsider privacy laws like contraception. This bill would also give the right to health care providers to give contraceptives.

We looked at how our local congressional members voted on this, Representatives Fred Keller (R- PA) and Glenn Thompson (R- PA) voted “NO”. Representative Mike Kelly (R- PA) was just one of two “present” votes, meaning he didn’t vote “yes” or “no”.

Kelly released this statement following the vote:

“I voted present because, yes, I was present for this vote, which is a distraction from real action to the problems Americans are facing today, including record inflation and gas prices,” Kelly said. “The U.S. House has just 15 days left in session before Election Day, and Democrats are using this time to vote on bills that are already law so they can create a false narrative and deflect from their failed economic and energy policies, which are costing Americans more and more money.”

The bill now heads to the Senate. It’s unclear if the Senate has enough votes to pass it.


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