Local Artist Starting Work On New Parking Garage Murals Soon

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JAMESTOWN – An effort to preserve a Downtown Jamestown parking garage is nearing completion, with a local artist tasked with improving the look of the structure.

Local artist Molly Strong is in charge of the painting project, which will create new murals on the Spring Street parking garage.

The new designs will add to one of the city’s iconic “I Love Lucy” murals, this one of Lucy spooning Vitameatavegamin.

“So I’m looking forward to this opportunity, I’ll be painting three walls right outside this window, right under Lucy there, then it pulls around at the same height above and below that window that says ice cream on it,“ stated Strong. “Then around the side where the door is for the parking ramp.”

The artist plans to start work on the mural soon, while the design has changed from the initial proposal, Strong promises that the final painting will be full of details and colors.

“The artwork that I submitted at first, which is obviously a rough draft of the idea of what the flowers would look like,“ explained Strong. “Over time I changed it to a more realistic approach with more lines and more skill involved, and the other references were composition plans.” 

Officials are also planning a second phase of improvements. 

“The stairwell interior is probably not going to be included in this phase of the beautification,“ explained Principle Planner Ellen Shadle. “We don’t have the resources to clean the surfaces sufficiently. So we will hope that that will be in a future phase.”  

The City of Jamestown received a $5,000 dollar grant back in January from ASI to make the project possible.


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