Jamestown Airport Celebrating 90th Anniversary

Image by Bronson Rasmussen

JAMESTOWN NY, (WNY News Now) – The Jamestown Airport turns 90 years old this Saturday, in what officials are calling a monumental milestone for any airport. 

Planning for the Airport began way back in 1927, with this Saturday marking 90 years since their official opening, those with the Airport are celebrating this year with a movie and pancake breakfast.

“It had an official opening on August 20th, 1932,” explained Assistant General Manager of Aircraft Sales Mike Johnson. “It worked out that August 20th is a Saturday this year, and Shannon (Barnhart) was great to hold an event on that same weekend on the 90th anniversary when they held the formal dedication back in 1932 which is a very long time ago.”

90 years is a long time for anything, especially for an airport.

“It’s very fascinating,“ said Johnson. “This is a very old airport, most airports in this country were constructed around World War II, a majority of them were created in the 40’s tentatively until the 50’s after the war. This airport was unique, because it was created prior to that.”     

Friday night starting at 7 p.m. there will be a free outdoor showing of the Disney movie Planes. Followed by a pancake breakfast on Sunday, anyone is welcome to attend.

“8:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. on Sunday morning we’re going to have a pancake breakfast,“ explained Manager of Airports Shannon Barnhart. “Just wanted to come out and celebrate the Airport being here for 90 years.”  

In the end, the facility’s manager just wants the community to see that there is so much happening at the airport, even if there are no commercial flights.

“Airports are my passion,“ stated Barnhart. “I know they are not everybody’s but, everyone out here can see and hopefully everyone in the community can see the value in our airport.” 

Other resources the Airport provides, include full time jobs for the area, opportunities for private aircrafts, and flying lessons for all across the region.


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