GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Campaigns In Lakewood

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LAKEWOOD – The Republican Candidate for New York Governor made a campaign stop in Lakewood on Wednesday, calling out his opponent for her bail reform policies and definition of a “real New Yorker”. 

Lee Zeldin met with his supporters at Group Ther-Happy, where he doubled down on this slogan “Save Our State.” The downstate Congressman is referring to the many businesses and residents of New York packing up and moving away because of, as Zeldin describes, unjust bills and policies put in place by his Democrat opponent, current Governor Kathy Hochul.

“New York leads the entire nation in population loss because? You all know the answer to that, I know the answer to that, I actually don’t know if Kathy Hochul knows the answer,” said Zeldin. “New York leads the entire nation in population loss is because New Yorkers are hitting their breaking point.”

Zeldin feels there are many different reasons New Yorkers are reaching this breaking point.

“We have to save our state. Right now, New York leads the entire nation in population loss. People feel like their wallets are under attack, their freedom, their safety. I hear from parents talking about the quality of their kids education, they’re deciding to leave the state and it’s not a temporary move,” Zeldin explained.

He calls out his opponent, Kathy Hochul, and her current policies. 

“Right now, Kathy Hochul is not getting the job done. She’s been extremely divisive in saying that if you challenge her, you’re not even a New Yorker and you have to leave the state,” Zeldin said.

Whether a Republican or Democratic, Zeldin wishes to work with everyone to make the empire state a better place. 

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Independent, these are issues that are important for all New Yorkers. This is about all New Yorkers together working together to save New York and I look forward to working with any New Yorker,” Zeldin said.

Lee Zeldin, and his running mate Alison Esposito, will face Governor Kathy Hochul, and Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado, in this fall’s general election which is on Tuesday, November 8.


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