New emails undercut key Trump claim about Mar-a-Lago documents

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – New reporting undercuts a key claim by Donald Trump about documents found at Mar-a-lago. 

The former President and his allies have insisted a government agency, the General Services Administration, packed the boxes ultimately sent to his Florida estate. 

Now, the agency has released more than a hundred pages of emails and documents proving that was not the case. 

It remains unclear whether any of the thousands of documents the FBI retrieved in August were shipped by the GSA. 

Those materials are now at the heart of a criminal investigation into classified material found at mar-a-lago. 

A Trump spokesman did not directly address how these emails dispute claims made by the former President and his allies. 

He instead attacked the Biden administration, saying power-hungry partisan bureaucrats are trying to intimidate and silence those who support Trump and his agenda. 


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