Former N.Y. Gov. Cuomo starts podcast

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By Kurt Martone

NEW YORK (WENY) – Andrew Cuomo, the 56th governor of New York State, who resigned in disgrace over corruption allegations, has reemerged into the public spotlight, in podcast form.

“I’m doing this because I am worried about this county, and I’m worried about what’s happening,” Cuomo said in his podcast, called “As A Matter Of Fact…”.

The former governor partnered with Quake Media to produce the podcast, who’s first episode aired Thursday on YouTube. According to Quake Media’s website, they are “a subscription podcast platform built around… thought provoking content from names in politics”.

In his opening monologue of the podcast, which lasted around 10 minutes, Cuomo makes no reference to the scandals surrounding his time as New York’s governor. Cuomo also makes no reference to the reason he resigned from office.

“We accomplished more than any governmental administration in modern history… that is undeniable,” said Cuomo.

However, his first guest, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci offered his take on Cuomo’s fall from grace.

“The power that you had, and what you represented to the Democratic party… was so overwhelming to the radical side of your party, that they did everything in their power to take you out and shoot you,” said Scaramucci. “They were coming for you. You had too much power for those people.”

“Yeah, I don’t disagree with you,” Cuomo replied.

In the first episode, Cuomo also interviewed Elaine Kamarck and Mark Penn. Episodes will air weekly on Quake Media and Apple Podcasts.


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