Educators Revisit Security Protocols Following JHS Break-In

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Educators are revisiting their security protocols after a malfunctioning door allowed two youngsters to break-into Jamestown High School over the weekend.

These two students were from outside the school district. While the two  did not steal anything noteworthy, it appeared the pair gained entry for no more than bragging rights.

Jamestown Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kevin Whitaker tells us that the school is now stepping up their security measures.

“We have some security systems that picked up some activity, and we found out that we had a couple of people inside the building,“ explained Dr. Whitaker. “Who had made some extraordinary effort attempts to get into the building, and they were there for a relatively short period of time, and that transpired a couple more times.”   

Currently the district’s security patrols every day to make sure no one can gain unauthorized entry to buildings.

“What we ended up determining was that there was a means of entry that was caused by a specific mechanical issue,“ stated Dr. Whitaker. “And that mechanical issue has been addressed and resolved, and so the building is secure once again.” 

Since then the district has revised their procedure, now requiring a physical check of doors.

“It is unfortunate that it happened,“ explained Dr. Whitaker. “And I think what it helped us see was that it’s very important to physically try to get in during the inspection and perimeter walk that happens on an everyday basis.”   

Going forward, the Superintendent is working with city officials to prevent future incidents, and engage with the community. This news is on the heels of bullying troubles districtwide.

“Today, I’m going to be meeting with our Mayor and our Police Chief, and we’re going to be talking a little bit about some community interventions that we can identify an early identification,” stated Dr. Whitaker. “Whether it’s conflicts, or struggles, or other issues, and see if we can’t intervene in those sort of community related issues, so that we can tamp down any tension around those things or any pressure around those things before they even get to kids and get to a school situation.” 

The two accused are minors, so the school district can not go into detail about their investigation, however the Superintendent assures us that at no time was anyone in danger. 


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