Downtown Jamestown Park Renovated

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A newly renovated park in Downtown Jamestown has officially reopened to the public, after it was closed for several years due to structural issues.

Known as Potter’s Terrace, officials cut the ribbon on this newly remodeled new green space on Thursday.

The area was taped off in 2019 after engineers determined the aging wood deck, which was built over an old basement, was unstable.

“It’s a great project to see something that has been a public space for around 30 years I believe, and it unfortunately had to be closed in 2019 due to structural issues, we had to put up a big fence, and then today we get to take all that fencing down and say ‘Come on public, let’s enjoy this space’ as we’ve done for so many years before,” said Urban Core Director of the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation Frank Besse.

Elements aim to pay homage to the city’s rich history.

“I grew up in Jamestown and so I spent time walking down, back and forth to school and this would’ve been just a great place to meet up with friends,” said Jamestown native Cheryl Gulvin.

The idea behind this new design is to be captivating and comfortable.

“By introducing greenspace and vegetation we’re trying to make a space that’s more geared towards the human experience and trying to make it comfortable in terms of providing shade and visual interest as well,” said Owner of Leaf and Stone Landscape and Architecture Joseph Rollman.

So far, there are many A+ reviews.

“I love the table, I love that there’s the rocks to sit on and the stone tables and stone seats. It’s very modern looking but it’s welcoming,” said Gulvin.

While the shrubbery has died for the winter, come spring, lively greenery is expected to grow.

“Today we have a beautiful space with trees and shrubbery, limestone benches and tables, different large boulders that can be used as seating or maybe an area to run or jump or play if you’re a younger frequenter of downtown,” said Besse.

Work is not fully complete yet, plans are underway to update the nearby Potter’s Gallery with new artwork from students at Jamestown High School. Furthermore, a new facade will be installed at the nearby Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce Building.

“It flows and it’s nice that it’s handicap accessible. Anyone can enjoy the alley,” said Jamestown native Jane.


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