City Christmas Tree Harvested In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – The City of Jamestown harvested this year’s Christmas tree on Tuesday, installing the towering spruce at city hall.

As part of an annual tradition, this year’s 50 foot tall Norway Spruce was donated by New Hope Community Church located at 40 City View Avenue, just across the street from Bergman Park in Jamestown. 

Crews cut the tree about a week early this year, this is due to multiple factors, including weather, and a special training that will have many in the park’s department out of the area later in the month.

In the end, City Arborist Dan Stone is thankful for the cooperative effort it takes to get the Christmas tree ready to go for the holidays. 

“I came and checked out the tree, we’re right across the street from Bergman park, right here on Baker Street and City View Avenue,“ explained Stone. “I noticed the tree one day, so I reached out to the church and asked if they would be willing to donate the tree, and they called me right back and said sure that’s a great idea we’d love to do it. So again thanks to New Hope Community Church for doing that. And then start putting the pieces in play, the BPU crane, JPD, things like that. So we can get it down to city hall and get it decorated with around 5,000 lights this year.”   

Once the tree is decorated, it will stay dark until the city’s Holiday Parade on Saturday December 3 when an official lighting ceremony will take place. If you don’t plan to come downtown to watch in person, you can catch our special broadcast on Channel 716 on Roku and WNY News Now’s 24/7 streaming network.


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