U.S. gas prices are slightly higher this week according to AAA

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NEW YORK, NY (Newsource) – U.S. gas prices are inching upward. The average price nationwide for a gallon of self-serve, regular is $3.80, according to AAA.

Officials there say that’s about a four-cent hike from last week and roughly 38-cents more than this time last year.

Analysts say one-reason for the recent increase in cost comes from the oil market where a barrel of crude is once again more than $90 dollars each.

The least expensive gas in the U.S. is in Georgia, where the state-wide average is nearly $3.13 per gallon.

California has the most expensive gas, where commuters are paying $5.45 per gallon.

In New York, the average price statewide is $3.89. Chautauqua County’s average price is $3.87.


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