Aspiring Jamestown Area Musicians Hosting Special Christmas Showcase

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A local group of aspiring musicians are hosting a Christmas performance this year, as part of a special concert in just a few weeks.

Students with the group, known as the Infinets, learn from Infinity Visual and Performing Arts in Jamestown. 

We got an exclusive look at one of the performances by this Motown group, who want to bring their genre of music back into the spotlight. A process that has had its ups and downs for the vocalists.

“I would say it’s been a journey for sure,“ explained Dominyck. “We go through times where we’re nervous.” 

“We’re arguing,” said Olivia.

“Or we’re arguing, just like anybody else,” explained Dominyck. “So we are a group, we go through problems too, but we’re going good for sure.”

“I’d say it’s really fun, stated Olivia. “I’m glad I’m a part of this.”

Gathering members of this trio was no easy task. 

For the instructors, teaching over 200 students of all ages to get ready for these live performances is very rewarding.

“Performing is one of the best ways to become a better singer, a better performer across the board,“ explained Artistic Director Jamie Lee Bonfiglio-Davis. “And the only way really for someone to grow as an artist is to have an audience. 

The students also mirror this mentality.

“I feel kind of impressed with myself,“ stated Olivia. “I don’t know, I’m coming a long way very quickly, and I feel like we’re all maturing while doing it.”

“And I think we’re becoming like a group, and really getting our sound as a group, and really starting really to blend our voices, and becoming good friends all together as well,” explained Dominyck.      

This is the group’s first live performance since the COVID-19 pandemic, which takes place on Friday, December 16 at their East Second Street studio. 

“Christmas Holiday party is going to be the first live in person performance that we have for our students since pre COVID,“ stated Bonfiglio-Davis. “So it’s super exciting.”

The Infinity Visual and Performing Arts center has many different aspects that they teach anyone willing to learn, from musical performances, to art, dance, and stagecraft.

What’s next for the Infinets? After their performance on the 16th, they will continue performing and bettering themselves.

The center has a slew of different performing groups that will showcase their talents at many different venues throughout the year.

A full sneak peak at the Infinets’ performance will air during WNY News Now’s Jamestown Christmas Parade special this Saturday at 6 p..m. on Channel 716 on Roku.


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