Covid Case Surge Raises Concerns, Questions

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) — Covid-19 case totals are once again rising in the United States, and they’re soaring overseas, raising some concerns about the new few months.

After lifting its zero-Covid policy, China has seen cases skyrocket, as a poorly vaccinated, unexposed population comes into mass contact with Covid for the first time.

Hospitals and funeral homes there are overwhelmed, with a similar scene playing out in nearby Japan.

Local infectious disease experts say there will be immense suffering in China and other parts of Asia, but it remains to be seen what that means for the U.S.

A sudden wave of infection could cause the virus to mutate, creating subvariants that could evade vaccines and natural immunity.

Still, experts say, for now, we seem to be in a better position that last year.

“There is a lot of hope that this is just going to be normal,” said Infectious Disease Expert Becky Dawson, PhD. “We’ll have new variants and subvariants that occur and will be able to transmit easier but won’t cause severe disease. But I think if we’ve learned a lesson over the last three years, it’s not to think we understand this virus and not be overly confident that we can predict what it will do.”


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