Jamestown Public Schools To Roll Out New Visitor Policy

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — Improved student safety measures could soon be coming to Jamestown Public Schools.

In a way to alleviate worries surrounding safety, the district is working to roll out a new and improved visitor policy.

This policy will require any person looking to enter a school building during school hours to present a valid identification, as well as go through a few other checks before being permitted inside.

“When any visitor, including parents or volunteers, wishes to enter any school building during school hours he or she must present a valid state or government issued photo I.D. such as a valid drivers license prior to being admitted. The E.V.M.S. will check visitors, that’s the electronic visitor monitoring system, against known sexual offender databases. Once this visitor’s I.D. is scanned, the E.V.M.S. will print a visitor pass which must be worn through the duration of the visit,” explained Jamestown Superintendent Dr. Kevin Whitaker.

At the end of a visit, the visitor is expected to return the pass to the registration desk before exiting the building.

In the instance that a visitor cannot present a valid identification, or does not pass the E.V.M.S. sexual offenders check, the visitor will not be permitted to go past the school lobby or in some cases may be asked to leave the premises.

A second reading of this new policy will be held during the board meeting next week to discuss any last minute fixes that need to be made and the date this will be introduced to the district.


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