Solution Seems To Make Pesky Pothole Patching Easier In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — Last spring road crews in Jamestown started testing out a new solution to bring an end to pesky pot holes. Now nine months later, the project seems to be going well. 

The idea was first presented by Jamestown City Councilman At-large Randy Daversa, who is leading the effort testing American Road Patch’s unique solution to potholes.

Last April we watched as crews patched two problem spots on Prendergast Avenue in Jamestown, adhering a special road roll, promised to stay in place even when hit by snow plows.

“The plow has been over it twice, but not enough,“ explained Councilman Daversa. “It has not been abused yet, so.” 

If the covers hold up over the season, the municipality will adopt the solution citywide. The only hitch so far comes with installation: crews have to physically burn the patch to the asphalt.  

“We got by, that day for the test, but we are going to have to probably get a hotter burner when we are finally ready to go with it,“ said Councilman Daversa. “Because I’m a proponent of using that.”

Potholes are created when freezing water expands and causes cracks in the roadway. The most likely time for this to occur is around March.

“There’s a couple of potholes that have come out, no doubt,“ stated Councilman Daversa. “But once we get the heavy freezing, and the rain, that’s when we are going to see more. We haven’t seen a lot of that yet. 

While the Buffalo area and northern Chautauqua County were hit hard earlier this winter season, so far it seems Jamestown has been spared from heavy snow, and subsequently long days, for local road crews. 

“Do you think we’ve got enough manpower if we do happen to, knock on wood, get hit hard, to handle the sidewalk and the street plows. In a timely manner?“ asked Councilman Daversa.

“I think so yeah,“ stated Director of Public Works, Jeffery Lehman. “We got through the holiday season, which is problematic.”

In addition to the road patching effort, the school system also purchased two new sidewalk plows for school zones, which will help clear paths for students walking to class. The equipment, we’re told, is still on the way and should arrive at the end of this month.


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