Watermain Replacements Scheduled For Jamestown Streets

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Lawmakers in the City of Jamestown plan to spend close to one million dollars to repair and reconstruct two roadways on Jamestown’s east side.    

Roland Road and Juliet Street are planned to get some long overdue watermain repairs.

The two thoroughfares have been treated for watermain issues close to 20 times by city workers. Lawmakers believe that if they don’t do anything now, more damages may occur.

“I mean if you don’t do it, it’s just going to be constant going back up there in the next coming years, right,“ explained Councilman Randy Daversa.

Lawmakers plan to spend $900,000 dollars in ARPA monies to contract the complete replacement of the two watermains.

This is due to the sheer amount of projects city workers have to deal with this year.

“We’re already above and beyond what we normally do with the CHIPS projects,“ stated  Director of Public Works, Jeff Lehman. “With the amount of CHIPS funding that we’re getting this year.” 

The reason for the big price tag behind the reconstruction, the sheer size of the impacted zone.

“And these are big projects,“ explained Lehman. “Roland Road is three blocks. That’s a significant amount of work.”  

Those in the finance committee agreed that a new system would be beneficial.

“As Marie (Carruba) and I have voiced many times, infrastructure is important, Tont (Dolce) agreed,” stated Finance Chair Kim Eckland. “This was passed out of finance.“ 

If the proposal is approved by the city council, the search and bid for a contractor will begin. 


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