Push To Eliminate Wind Farm Construction On Lake Erie Underway

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DUNKIRK, NY (WNY News Now) – Congressman Nick Langworthy has introduced his first piece of legislation as a member of 23rd Congressional district that aims to stop wind farms in the Great Lake region. 

The Lakes Before Turbines Act would take a piece of the 1986 tax code and strip the ability to give tax credits to wind farm projects on Lake Erie. Making it virtually impossible for developers to move forward.

“Any developer who chooses to pursue wind farm production on our beautiful Lake Erie will no longer have access to Federal investment tax credits for those projects,” explained Langworthy. “And due to the massive capital that’s necessary to construct these turbines, if developers do not have the Federal tax credits to subsidize it, it would likely prove far too costly for them to move forward with any project like this.”

Newly elected Congressman Nick Langworthy believes that the lake is quintessential for our region.

“Our local economies, they depend on this lake,“ stated Langworthy. “They depend on people making that trip to have a picnic, that they’re looking for a family vacation spot.”   

The Republican goes on to say that we need to focus on the impact of Lake Erie.

“Our communities here in Western New York and the Southern Tier, we enjoy and rely on the health of the Great Lakes,“ explained Langworthy. “It’s a gem of our region, and the need to protect and restore it is more important than ever.”

Langworthy would rather explore different energy options.

“I’m committed to fighting for affordable and reliable energy sources like natural gas,” stated Langworthy. “It’s an untapped resource that is literally right under our feet in this congressional district. It can be tapped safely, it can be tapped cheaply, while creating thousands of good paying jobs for Western New York residents.”     

While this Act was just proposed by Langworthy, he plans on talking to other congressional members along the great lakes to gather their support.


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