Jamestown Lawmakers “Zoom In” To City Meetings

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Jamestown lawmakers have put video conferencing into action, with one council member, who was on vacation, to Zoom into Monday night’s voting session. 

City Councilman At-Large Jeff Russell was out of town for the voting session, but due to the ordinance, he was allowed to participate and vote via remote video conferencing.

The process starts as council votes to allow a member to call in, then the meeting follows as normal.

For it being the first time the system was used, there were some small delays. But overall, the system worked for lawmakers.

“He didn’t want to miss the meeting, especially since it was a voting session,“ explained Council President Tony Dolce. “He’s able to because the State has allowed that now, and we passed that resolution a month ago. So that gives us an opportunity to be able to do that so people can still participate in the meetings and be there. We’ll work through the glitches and make sure it’s a little bit easier.”   

The local law that allows live streaming and  video conferencing was put into action at the end of November.


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