Keeping Jamestown School Students Warm This Winter

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Even with up and down temperatures this winter, the need for good clothing to keep kids warm is at an all time high. 

At schools in the City of Jamestown, local educators are taking the initiative to keep kiddos safe from the elements. 

At each school in the Jamestown Public School District, there is an area designated for clothing, with the purpose of giving students in need appropriate attire.

At Love Elementary School, the need is apparent. 

“I noticed a lot of students coming in with sneakers on when it was snowy,“ explained Love Elementary Principal Cindy Johnson. “And then their sneakers got wet and their feet were cold. Just sweatshirts on versus a winter jacket. So through the generous donations of several people, we were able to purchase brand new winter coats for students.”  

Of those that received help is 4-year-old Kanaivha Holmes, who is now sporting a new winter coat and boots, which she and her mom are very grateful for.

“To know that a community cares about our kids, just as much as their own kids, I love it here,“ stated Roneicha Holmes, Kanaivha’s mother. “And we’re not from here, we’re from New Jersey. So being in Jamestown and having a community that really looks out for your kids, and makes sure our kids are completely good for the school year is a great feeling. We’re so grateful for it.”

Meanwhile, Jamestown High School has a whole classroom that’s been repurposed to house a plethora of items for students. 

“We have coats, we have all kinds of pants, shoes, there’s bags. We go through a ton of book bags, personal hygiene things, hats, coats, we even have food now for kids that need it,“ explained Bonnie Schnars, Behavior Intervention Specialist at JHS. “But the personal hygiene things, we go through a ton of that.”  

There is a “Gotchu” fund to ensure that anyone who may be underprivileged, can participate in  school activities without worrying about associated costs.

“AP exams, we can pay for those,“ stated Schnars. “We can buy glasses for a kid, we could pay for camps. It’s there for the kids that there’s an educational opportunity that they might miss out on because of their socioeconomic background, and all they got to do is let somebody know that they need help.”  

If your child is in need of a hat, gloves, boots or a jacket, educators ask the student, or parent, to simply bring the need to a teacher to get the process started.


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