Public Engagement Sought Following Fight Between Jamestown Teens

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A fight and subsequent stabbing between teenagers in Jamestown is influencing the race for municipal mayor, with one candidate seeking to restore public engagement in our community.

On Thursday night, the city Republican party hosted a campaign kickoff event announcing their endorsements for City of Jamestown Mayor.

“So, without anymore fanfare, I’m going to introduce to you, the next Mayor of the City of Jamestown, Kim Ecklund,” announced Legislator Dave Wilfong, during Ecklund’s official campaign kickoff event Thursday.

Among one of the many policy items discussed during the campaign kickoff event is connected to public safety, specifically the fight this week on Jamestown’s southside.

“Where as a society are we going wrong?” asked Ecklund. “There’s things I’m not going to be able to control if I win as Mayor, it starts at home, but, people like my son who are looking for someone to be a role model, and to play a positive influence in their life, he could have gone down the wrong path as well.”

Ecklund says several factors contributed to the violence, perpetrated by a mob of minors.

“Where that incident was yesterday, I grew up right around the corner on Prospect (Street), we need to get back to being a neighborhood,” explained Ecklund. “I started off in neighborhood watch, that was very important to me, getting your neighbors involved, having neighborhood chats about what’s going on in your community.”

For those looking to get involved in the solution, the longtime councilwoman turned mayoral candidate says community involvement is a good start.

“Find your niche, find something that you enjoy, whether it’s the church, if it’s the school, if it’s the board, if it’s a commission, get involved, make a difference,” continued Ecklund.

To help area kids, the candidate pledges more investments in opportunities for not just those living in Jamestown, but surrounding communities too.

“Those kids are our future,” said Ecklund. “We might not get a 500-employee factor, but we can get them to live here to work in the Town of Ellicott. We got to make Jamestown something where people wanna live, work and do business.” 

Ecklund is running against incumbent Democrat Eddie Sundquist in the fall general election. 


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