Langworthy Votes with House Republicans on Sweeping Immigration Legislation

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Friday, May 12 was the first full day that Title 42, a pandemic-era immigration policy, ended. It allowed federal agents to quickly turn away some migrants. Right before Title 42 expired, House republicans passed a sweeping immigration bill.

“Securing the borders is one of our top priorities,” said Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R- CA).

On a 219 to 213 vote, the House passed the “Secure the Border Act”.

“This bill secures the border from president Biden’s record border crossings, record carelessness and record chaos,” said Speaker McCarthy.

It’s a sweeping immigration bill aimed to build more of the border wall at our southern border and impose new restrictions on asylum seekers. This legislation passed just hours before Title 42, the pandemic-era immigration policy expired. It allowed federal agents to quickly turn away some migrants.

House democrats call this bill a waste of taxpayer money on a border wall and will further introduce chaos into our immigration and asylum system.

Following the vote, a couple of House republicans who voted for the legislation released their own statements.

Representative Nick Langworthy (R- NY) said:

“What is currently a crisis at the Southern Border is about turn into a five-alarm inferno after Title 42 expires tonight,” said Congressman Langworthy. “The Biden Administration is the best thing to happen to Mexican cartels and their refusal to shut down the scourge of fentanyl and human trafficking at our open border is putting every single American citizen at risk. Mr. President, you must act. Title 42 was one of the only tools we had to turn migrants away and its repeal is going to have devastating consequences on Upstate communities who are already struggling to make ends meet and deliver services. I cannot stress this enough: we need action today and I’m urging President Biden and Senator Schumer to come to the table before it’s too late.”

“The White House had two years to plan for the end of Title 42,” said Speaker McCarthy. “We all knew the deadline, but the white house had no plan, missed the deadline and bumbled into another crisis.”

But the Homeland Security Secretary says otherwise.

“We have planned for this moment for two years,” said Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Mayorkas said after Title 42 expires, those who try to cross into our country illegally will suffer more severe consequences.

“They could suffer a five-year ban and can face criminal prosecution if they attempt to cross again,” said Mayorkas.

That immigration legislation has essentially no chance in the democratic-controlled Senate.


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