New Trees Replacing 100-Year-Old Oaks In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Over 50 people turned out to help “Re-Tree” West Third Street on Saturday. Honoring Jamestown’s 42nd year designated as a Tree City USA. 

“It means a lot to be able to plant our own tree in front of our own home,“ explained 3rd Street Resident Chip Johnson. 

The community came together to plant 37 trees of four different species between Hall Avenue and Hallock Street, as part of an annual Arbor Day celebration.

“We plant trees, we trim trees, we remove trees,“ stated City Arborist Dan Stone. “We have a fantastic tree program that was created beyond the 42 years we’ve been a Tree City USA.”

West Third Street was well known for a slew of 80 foot tall, 100-year-old oak trees lining the street. In early 2021, it was found the trees were diseased and had to be cut down. 

“It was, it was disappointing,“ explained Jamestown Resident Marlin Casker. “But then you say, well it’s just going to look more like a residential street, so you just sort of have to come to grips with that. And I think a lot of people just had an almost kind of mourning.” 

While these trees may seem small at the moment, they will grow to match a similar aspect to the previous Grand Cathedral Oaks. 

“As soon as these roots start growing and taking off, we’ll look at the oaks, the elms, the cherries, and the maples we planted here and hopefully have a real nice fall display of color within this year,“ said Stone. 

The project was paid for with $500,000 dollars of American Rescue Plan funding, as part of the West Third Street redesign, sidewalk repaving and adding candlestick lighting.

“We were all patient and waiting to see what was going to happen,“ stated Johnson. “But, we knew in the end it would be worth it. And I think once these trees take hold and start growing, with all the lights and everything that are in. It will be beautiful, a beautiful entryway into the city.” 

Planting the over 30 trees marks Jamestown’s 42nd year as being a tree city in the USA. 


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