Lucky Fan Receives Tickets For Upcoming Tarp Skunks Season

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – One of the Jamestown Tarp Skunk’s biggest fans got an even bigger surprise on Tuesday evening. 

Vinny has messaged the Tarp Skunks on the regular, asking when the season is starting and if he can get a picture with mascot Whiffy the Skunk.

Family friend Melissa Paterniti decided to surprise Vinny with a season ticket. Joined by friends,the team themselves, and our own crews.

“So I had reached out to some friends who were going to buy some tickets because Vinny is hopefully gonna throw out the pitch on July 23rd at Christmas in July. So I reached out, my friends bought some swag and they were going to buy some tickets and at the same time we just thought we would buy some tickets for Vinny,” Paterniti explained. “Dave Wilfong ended up purchasing a season ticket and then the Tarp Skunks came in and said ‘since Vinny can’t come by himself, we will buy a season ticket for his mom.” 

She explains the dedication Vinny has for the baseball team.

“Vinny has been a Tarp Skunks fan for, I mean they’ve been here for four years and played for three, so everyday he wants to see the Tarp Skunks, he wants to play, he makes his mom drive by the stadium, ‘when are we gonna get tickets?’,” said Paterniti. “ I mean he even has the game written on the calendar and he’s crossed off all the way to that day, to June first.”

While the surprise itself didn’t turn out to be quite what was expected, it seems Vinny was still very appreciative of the gesture.

“It was a great collaboration, we really wanted it to be a surprise and he talks about Whiffy everyday so it was perfect, we’ll just have Whiffy here and come in and be a special thing. Unfortunately Vinny was a little scared,” said Paterniti. 

In the end, Paterniti and those collaborating were happy they could make this happen.

“I just want to thank everybody, and I really want to thank the Tarp Skunks. Without them, one season ticket wouldn’t have been enough,” Paterniti said.

The end goal for Paterniti and the Tarp Skunks is to have Vinny throw the pitch for the Christmas in July game this summer.  


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