D.A Provides Update On Burham

BUFFALO, NY (WNY News Now) – A Jamestown felon suspected of murder appeared in Federal Court Wednesday after being extradited from South Carolina.

After fleeing from New York State following the homicide of 34-year-old Kala Hodgkin, Michael Burham was captured two weeks later. Burham was wanted for questioning regarding Hodgkin’s death, alongside warrants for a car fire and rape.

District Attorney Jason Schmidt provided an update during a press briefing yesterday afternoon. 

“We are standing by, that doesn’t mean that we are not going to have our day in court, that doesn’t mean that the family of Kala Hodgkin is not going to see justice here, all of us are very focused on that, we will be asserting charges very shortly. It’s hard to anticipate, we’ve got testing that’s out right now that the New York State police is helping us with so we’re waiting for those results. I anticipate that at some point in the near future, maybe within two or three months, we’re gonna then go into a grand jury related to what happened to poor Kala Hodgkin,” said D.A. Schmidt. 

We will continue to provide updates on this case as they become available.


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