Local Sculpture Park In Development

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KENNEDY, NY (WNY News Now) – A sculpture park in Kennedy is currently under development, decorating the woods with metallic artwork of all shapes and sizes. 

Deanna Curry is the mastermind behind Wonderland in Kennedy, a project that takes inspiration from her mother’s imagination, scrap metal, and a welder.

“She taught herself how to weld, she started with the sculptures and it inspired me, I just loved it. I just thought it was one of the most amazing things, she does tons of different crafts, she’s the most creative person I know. It started here, and it just kind of progressed,” said Curry. “I said let’s share it with the public, let’s do a sculpture park, so I quit my job and started all of this. This is the dream.”

The exact number of pieces is unknown, but it’s estimated that the number is well past 100.

“We’ve never counted, never counted. Somebody asked me that the other day, hundreds I would imagine. There’s a lot of little stuff and there’s big stuff, it’s quite the combination,” said Curry. 

The metal used in creating these sculptures is purely scrap metal, and most goes unchanged.

“Everything we use is upcycled metal, we don’t cut anything out of the plasma cutters or anything. There is a couple pieces that are like that, but for the most part, it’s all upcycled,” Curry explained.

The goal of Wonderland is to bring appreciation to not just art, but nature as well.

 “Placing all this stuff, we’re trying to keep nature, nature. Not get too involved in taking over, I wanna keep it as natural as possible, so that people still get to enjoy the real nature of everything walking through the woods, it’s not gonna be so over-prepped and cleaned that you don’t know you’re in the woods,” said Curry.

The Wonderland Sculpture Park is hoping to see a grand-opening next spring, and eventually house more local artists, trails to walk, and even live music. The park is heavily relying on community donations, and those interested in assisting the park can donate to their Go-Fund-Me

To learn more about Wonderland Sculpture Park, you can also visit their Facebook page


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