Bodybuilder Admits To Stealing VA Benefits

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ST. LOUIS, MO (WNY News Now) – A St. Louis man admitted to stealing over $100,000 dollars in Veterans Administration disability benefits through fraudulent medical claims. 

50-year-old Charles Adams underwent multiple medical evaluations after he applied for increased disability benefits for service-connected degenerative Disc Disease with degenerative Arthritis.

In April of 2017, Adams reported difficulty getting out of bed and an inability to stand on occasions. With a medical professional noting his slow walking speed and noticeable limp.

Adams also showed severe limitations in his range of motion, rotation, and other use of his back.

Soon after the examination Adams performed various strenuous exercises with high levels of resilience; including deep squats, leg presses with over 800 pounds, and rope pulldowns. A vast difference compared to his previous examination.

Videos on the Instagram account @tlf_trainer shows Adams lifting heavy weights and squatting as early as late 2017. Contradicting Adams claims of limited mobility. 

In February 2018 Adams filed for unemployment benefits, included in his application was a statement form the doctor based on the 2017 medical examination. 

Adams also applied for Social Security Disability in August of 2019 after a January 2017 application was denied. In his second application, Adams stated his medical conditions affected his motor abilities.

However, Adams never reported that he went to a Club Fitness for workouts, checking in a day before a July 7, 2020 hearing for his second disability application.

Investigators watched as Adams walked normally and carried bags of trash before his examination; however, once Adams arrived, he was walking at a slower pace and with a cane.

Adams is scheduled to be sentenced October 25. With charges carrying a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine or both. He will also be ordered to repay the $106,245 dollars Adams received.


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