2023 Celebration Of Women Ceremony

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LILY DALE, NY (WNY News Now) – The Lily Dale Assembly has been recognized by The William G. Pomeroy Foundation and The National Collaboration of Women’s Historical Sites as one of the 200 locations along the National Votes for Women Trail, U.S.A.

Residents of Lily Dale are seemingly overjoyed by the recognition of the assembly, but recognize that the fight for women’s rights is far from over. 

“Lily Dale was one of the first places in Chautauqua County to allow women to speak on their stage, we were the first ones and Susan B. Anthony was here so many times and we love her, Susan B. Anthony, we do love her,” said a committee member.

The committee touts the importance of ceremonies like this.

“I think that any time you amplify history, it amplifies the conversation around women’s rights. It reminds people that this wasn’t something that was given to us, it was something that people had to really, really work for,” said another committee member.

Lily Dale was gifted a marker to signify the historical value of the assembly.

“The Pomeroy marker, we have it covered at the moment because we’re waiting for some of our people to arrive and then we will uncover the marker, do the proclamation, and we’ll have some speeches,” said a committee member.

The women of the committee are proud of the progress made

“We should be proud of that, we should use our voices, we should use our vote, and it wasn’t so long ago that we were still clamoring for a lot of what we take for granted today,” said a committee member.

“Equal rights for all women, forever,” began one committee member.

“And equal pay,” a second member added. 

“Equal everything,” a third member concluded. 

In the end, the ceremony was a success, bringing residents and state officials together to celebrate. 

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