Olean Wastewater Treatment Plant Issues Notification of River Discharge

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(WNY News Now) – The Olean Wastewater Treatment Plant has alerted residents about a recent discharge into the Allegany River due to excessive flow caused by weather conditions.

Olean – The Olean Wastewater Treatment Plant identified the need to issue a discharge notification as a result of overwhelming station capacity due to current weather conditions. The discharge occurred on August 25, 2023, at 01:06 AM, lasting for 48 minutes.

Although the exact impact on public areas remains uncertain, the discharge of approximately 40,000 gallons into the Allegany River originated from a pump station at the mentioned location. The discharge was untreated due to the rapid and excessive influx, posing a concern for the local environment.

To address the situation officials have ensured all pumps are operational and unplugged to prevent further discharges. The discharge volume was estimated at 40,000 gallons, with the treatment process unable to be applied due to the swift response required.

Local authorities and environmental agencies have been notified, and the Olean WWTP is actively working to rectify the issue caused by the weather-induced excessive flow.

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