Wells Enterprises’ New Ice Cream Plant in Dunkirk to Bring Jobs and Growth

(WNY News Now) – Governor Kathy Hochul revealed today that Wells Enterprises, in collaboration with local partners, is set to expand its Dunkirk manufacturing facility to create a cutting-edge ice cream plant, solidifying 401 existing jobs and generating over 200 new employment opportunities.

The venture aligns with New York State’s support, offering up to $10 million in Excelsior Jobs Program tax credits and a $6 million Empire State Development grant, underscoring the commitment to job creation and capital investment.

Wells Enterprises’ CEO, Liam Killeen, expressed enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the company’s dedication to premium ice cream and community growth. Construction on the modern facility, slated to double current production capacity, is set to begin in late 2023. The company will continue ice cream production during construction.

Supported by local dairy farmers, the expansion is in sync with the booming ice cream market, which is projected to reach $104.96 billion by 2029. The Ferrero Group’s acquisition of Wells Enterprises and its ice cream brands further solidifies the partnership between two successful family-owned businesses.

Chautauqua County officials, including Executive PJ Wendel and Mayor Willie Rosas, lauded the project’s potential to bolster the local workforce and economy. The forthcoming plant aligns with Wells Enterprises’ dedication to providing top-tier ice cream while ensuring a prosperous future for the community.

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