Los Contrincantes’ 5th Annual Back-to-School Event Warms Hearts

(WNY News Now) – “Los Contrincantes’ 5th Annual Back-to-School event at Lillian Dickson Park brought a day of community support, with 700 backpacks, haircuts, and more for students in need.”

Jamestown – In a touching demonstration of community unity, Los Contrincantes recently hosted their 5th Annual Back-to-School event at Lillian Dickson Park. This heartfelt occasion featured an outpouring of generosity, providing attendees with food, drinks, 700 backpacks for students, haircuts for the first 50 participants, and even socks, among other valuable items.

This event serves as a testament to the positive impact of community involvement, with Jose Sanchez and Los Contrincantes making a meaningful difference by supplying essential resources to students. The backpacks and all items were swiftly distributed to a grateful community, highlighting the vital role of such initiatives in supporting local students.

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