Celoron Volunteer Fire Department Holds Annual Boot Drive

(WNY News Now) – In commemoration of the upcoming 9/11 anniversary, the Celoron Volunteer Fire Department in Celoron, NY, is conducting its semi-annual boot drive today, aiming to secure vital funds for their life-saving equipment, training, and operational needs.

Celoron – Amid the solemn backdrop of the 9/11 remembrance, the Celoron Volunteer Fire Department is rallying the community for a crucial fundraising effort. Jordan Smith, a dedicated volunteer firefighter, emphasized the significance of the event: “So, we do it on this weekend because of the awareness for 9/11, but this is for a donation to Celoron Volunteer Fire Department. We are completely volunteer, all of our funding currently comes from donations and billing for EMS.”

The funds raised during this boot drive are essential for the department’s sustainability, given the high cost of their equipment and training. Smith explained, “That truck sitting right there is almost a million dollars, so we use these donations to help fund our gear, our trucks, our equipment, and to help support training for our members.”

The Celoron community can participate by contributing donations directly into firefighters’ boots at various locations, including Dunham Boulevard in the village of Celoron and the entrance to Wegman’s in Fairmount, West Ellicott. Smith encouraged everyone to support their cause, rain or shine, until 2 o’clock today.

Reflecting on past successes, Smith mentioned, “Depends on the time of year, depends on the weather, but I think our last year we raised about $6,000 just for being out here for about 4 hours. The community shows up well for this, and we really appreciate the support.”


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