Local Gun Dealer Speaks on Firearm Background Check Shift

Credit: Brett Hondow

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(WNY News Now) – A change in firearm legislation effective yesterday transfers responsibility for background checks from the FBI to the New York State Police, with fees of $9 for firearm checks and $2.50 for ammunition checks per purchase.

Jamestown – New York State has enacted a new firearm legislation that has taken effect, altering the administration of background checks for firearm and ammunition purchases. The responsibility for conducting these checks will now fall on the New York State Police, marking a transition from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

Under the new law, individuals purchasing firearms will incur a $9 fee for each background check, while ammunition purchasers will face a $2.50 fee for each background check, with checks being mandatory for every purchase.

We spoke with Bruce Piatz, owner of M&M Sports Den in Jamestown, a longstanding fixture in the Hunting and Fishing community for over four decades. While some are critical of the new law, Piatz emphasized his commitment to compliance, saying, “I don’t have to like a law, but I certainly will comply with the law.”

Despite the evolving legislative landscape, Piatz hopes that businesses like M&M Sports Den will continue to thrive and serve the community for years to come. Critics argue that the new law encroaches on Second Amendment rights, but Piatz remained neutral on the political aspects, instead inviting outdoor enthusiasts to visit his store for quality gear and on-site repair services.


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  1. Bruce is right to raise a fuss about this, as I have too. I have contacted Andy Goodell, Nick Langworthy, and a few others about this. What Hocul wants is what Adolph Hitler wanted in the 1930’s. The first thing the nazi did was to confiscate all the guns, and kill anyone who left one behind. Anybody involved with firearms needs to talk with these representatives, and I have begun to talk about a recall vote. We need proper leadership in Albany, and it starts by cleaning out the trash.

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