Local Wellness Studio Celebrates Anniversary

JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – The Tree of Life Studio celebrated its fourth anniversary in Jamestown on Wednesday, inviting the public to stop down to tour the studio, enjoy a special discount, and bring good energy.

The Tree of Life owner Chad Tibbits spoke with us at WNY News Now to give a breakdown on what services the studio offers, and why it’s so important. 

“Tree of Life, I’ve been doing healing for a long time and I moved my Reiki studio down here about four years ago. I’ve always had incense and a few crystals but I started carrying more and more as people began looking for them. I still do mostly healing here, so if anything else I just want people to come in and get relaxed,” explained Tibbits. “I leave the meditation studio open all day when the shop is open so if people need a place to get away on a lunch break or just sit down and read a book or just meditate, that room is always going with music playing, we do a bunch of different singing bowl ceremonies, we do Shamanic drum ceremonies, a bunch of different classes throughout the year, kind of a little bit of everything.”  

Tibbits has been using Reiki healing for years, and is seemingly overjoyed to have a space to teach and practice. 

“I’m a Reiki master, it’s a traditional Japanese form of energy healing, it’s also like an alternative medicine so with hand placements on the body, we just focus the energy to work on what needs to be healed and try to rebalance people,” said Tibbits. “For the healing side of things, I get people in from all over the place. I get people that come in from Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia, India, West Coasts and East Coasts, I have a lot of students in California and New York City, and locally as well but a lot of people come in from all over the place and some people kind of find me,”

The Tree of Life Studio started as a young boy’s hobby. 

“When I was a kid, I grew up on the road right over there, and when I was little I would just get rocks and polish them by hand and I had a little table set up and I would sell them. My neighbors were pretty cool, I was the little kid with rocks for sale and they’d stop and they’d buy a couple. I’ve just always been attracted to it, and then one thing led to another and here I am,” Tibbits said. 

The studio has a mix of different religious, spiritual, and holistic items so there is something for everyone. 

“I’m also an ordained minister, but I’m a multi-faith ordained minister, so I want to have a little bit of everything for everybody and if they kind of need help finding which way to go, I can kind of point them in that way,” Tibbits said. 

For anyone just starting out with alternative practices or even just crystal collecting, the studio owner has some advice. 

“If somebody only had one, it should be clear quartz. Clear quartz does everything, and then everything else you get above and beyond that, it just amplifies. There’s been a lot of research into clear quartz and how it holds information. There can be a ton of information and memory just on a little teeny tiny piece of clear quartz, so science is starting to prove what people have known for a long time,” said Tibbits. 

In the end, Tibbits invites anyone curious about the studio to stop by. 

“Just come in and see what kind of gets your attention and if you have any questions, I’m here to help you and kind of point you in the right direction,” Tibbits said. 

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