Eagle Scout Alex Pashkow Enhances Historical Recognition for Porter Sheldon House

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(WNY News Now) – Fourteen-year-old Alex Pashkow, achieving his Eagle Scout badge, elevates the prominence of Jamestown’s Porter Sheldon House with a historical sign, underscoring its rich legacy.

Jamestown, N.Y. – On Wednesday, November 29, 2023, Alex Pashkow, a remarkable 14-year-old, proudly earned his Eagle Scout badge, showcasing leadership and community commitment. As part of his Boy Scouts project, he decided to craft a sign for the Porter Sheldon House, a historical residence linked to the influential Porter Sheldon family since 1880.

The Porter Sheldon House, formerly owned by the Sheldon family, gained prominence in the 1880s as one of the founders of the American Aristotype Co., a precursor to the Eastman Kodak Company. With over 20 rooms, the house attained its mansion status during this era. In 1908, the property transitioned to Cora Sheldon Tew and subsequently to her granddaughter, Dorothy Tew Johnson, who bequeathed it to the Jamestown Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) in the late 1970s. The house now offers tours by appointment.

The absence of a sign prompted Alex’s initiative, intending to inform the neighborhood about the historical significance of the Porter Sheldon House. Alex’s sign not only contributes to the historical awareness of the home but also aids in raising recognition for this venerable structure.

Expressing gratitude for the support received from the Daughters of the American Revolution, Alex mentioned that the project had $535 remaining. The DAR plans to allocate these funds to various projects aimed at enhancing the historical property.

Inside the DAR, a celebration was held, offering hot cocoa, custard, cookies, and tea to commemorate the successful completion of the project.

Reflecting on his journey through Boy Scouts, Alex emphasized the transformative nature of the experience. He shared, “It’s been a long journey, a very fun experience. It’s really changed my life in a lot of ways.” Alex emphasized the practical life skills learned, applicable whether one pursues higher education, trade school, or starts their own business.

Alex also shared a humorous anecdote about earning his first aid badge during the digital summer camp amid the COVID era. Having to endure an eight-hour video, Alex mistakenly admitted to not taking notes, resulting in rewatching 16 hours of first aid videos to secure the badge.

Alex’s dedication to the Porter Sheldon House and his insightful reflections on the impact of Boy Scouts underscore the positive influence of youth initiatives on local communities.

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