Legislation Aims To Cut Insulin Costs

December 19, 2019 By News Staff 0

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed is pushing new legislation that aims to cut the cost of insulin. Reed and Diana DeGette (D-CO), co-chairs of the Congressional Diabetes Caucus, introduced new legislation this week that aims […]


Wegmans Recalling Gingerbread Cake

December 18, 2019 By News Staff 0

JAMESTOWN – Wegmans is recalling a 3-Layer Gingerbread Cake because egg is not listed on the allergen statement. Officials say the cakes come in sizes of four ounces, 11 ounces and 38 ounces. Here’s how […]


House Passes Drug Pricing Bill

December 13, 2019 By News Staff 0

WASHINGTON – House democrats Thursday passed a drug pricing bill. The legislation would allow the government to negotiate lower prices on prescription drugs each year. Republicans and the drug industry strongly opposed the bill, arguing […]