How To Prevent A ‘Dog Bite’

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WESTERN NEW YORK – The American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA) has a warning for dog owners, dog lovers, and those who do not care for furry friends as part of ‘Dog Bite Prevention Week’ April 7-13.

The AVMA reports roughly 4.5 million people are bit by dogs each year. While they said most dog bites are not serious and do not require medical attention, but the ones that do are predominantly children.

American Veterinarian Medical Association officials said most dog bites are preventable as long as the dog’s behavior is recognized as defensive or dangerous.

Signs that a dog does not want to be touched include growling, hair standing up on its back, tail standing straight up in the air, and keeping a distance from people.

Owners are held responsible for their dog’s actions and can be sued, have their dog quarantined or euthanized if it seriously hurts another animal or human.

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