Congressman Reed Stresses Importance Of JCC, Cassadaga Job Corps

WASHINGTON-  Congressman Tom Reed said he believes the work that is being done at Jamestown Community College (JCC) and the Cassadaga Job Corps is valuable in providing important skills for the workplace.

“Kudos to what is being done at JCC and kudos to what’s being done at the Job Corp in Cassadaga,” Reed said.

Reed said that these corporations are “making available the programs that are teaching people how to fish for a life time and not just giving them a fish for the day.”

In addition, Reed said he goes to these places to show his support, raise awareness that job opportunities are available, and that there is a huge demand for people with these skills.

Reed visited JCC’s Manufacturing and Technology Institute in February. WNYNewsNow interviewed Reed one-on-one following a tour of the institute, which consisted of several students, teachers and administrators. Reed said that manufacturing needs more promotion here in Chautauqua County and throughout the district.

“Today is about promoting manufacturing, and the opportunities in manufacturing, and the advanced manufacturing needs in the community,” Reed said. “(We are highlighting), to me, what huge opportunities we have (in manufacturing) right here in our backyard….You have opportunities galore. If people are willing to roll up their slaves, commit to gaining this skill set, I’m going to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them and say, these are great careers, great opportunities, and it’s something we need to promote more of.”

When asked what Reed’s office can do to further enhance manufacturing throughout the district, Reed said that he can help facilitate connections between businesses and groups of people.

“First and foremost, I think what we can offer is connecting the networks of folks and employers that may be generous with their resources, with their time and with their equipment,” Reed said. “From a policy perspective, there are a lot of programs, like the scholarship program here, making sure the young men and women, and those going back for re-training, have access to those resources, to those programs, at the Federal level.”

“Also, one of the things I heard loud and clear is to give these guys the flexibility to innovate, to be able to cross jurisdictions so that they can work together on a regional type basis and not have bureaucratic barriers preventing them from growing and developing this opportunity that we see.”


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