Investigation Clears Bemus Teacher

Image by Justin Gould / WNYNewsNow. 01/31/20.

JAMESTOWN – A legal spokesperson for the Bemus Point Central School District says an investigation cleared a Bemus Point teacher of any wrong doings following an alleged harassment incident.

Ryan Everhart, an attorney representing the district, responded to WNYNewsNow’s request for comment Friday afternoon.

“The District takes all claims of bullying and harassment seriously, and timely conducts a full and comprehensive investigation into such matters,” said Everhart in an email sent to our newsroom. “Contrary to your article, and in accordance with its policies, the District did in fact conduct an investigation into Ms. Reagan’s claims, and determined that they were inaccurate and unfounded.”

“I unfortunately cannot provide you more detail about the investigation, because this information is confidential under federal law,” Everhart furthered. “Ms. Reagan was notified of the results of the District’s investigation.”

Additionally, Everhart requested that the teacher’s name be removed from our coverage.

After consideration WNYNewsNow has declined to remove the teacher’s name from our pervious report, however according to the district she has been cleared.

It is the policy of WNYNewsNow to include the names of people accused of crimes or incidents prior to the conclusion of their case.



  1. Even with that being said. . .why is this young man not being provided math services. He has an iep, for which the school receives government monies to provide the services stated. Also an investigation should have consisted of both parties sitting down not talks in a hushed office. Good for MS Reagan standing up. The office if civil rights will be of great help to this young man

  2. So, you will remove a name from something that CLEARS the person but, you’ll leave the name in the accusation that they were cleared of. So, we can find that she was accused, but not find that she was cleared. Great move.

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