President Approves Disaster Declaration For New York, Two Other States

Photo: CDC

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WASHINGTON – President Trump is using federal funds to activate the national guard in three states.

They include New York, Washington and California, all of which are struggling to cope with COVID-19 patients. Trump says the units will be under the command of the three Governors involved.

Furthermore, President Trump says he’s approving the states’ disaster declarations.

“In order to assist in those areas. I approved the State of New York’s request for a major disaster declaration, something which, Governor Cuomo has been asking for and which I agree, and we had it, done in very rapid fashion,” said the President Sunday. “The request from the State of Washington for a major disaster declaration was approved just a little while ago. Went through the process and we moved it very quickly. The requests from the State of California was just received and we will have it approved very quickly.”

Two naval hospitals will be anchored on both U.S. coasts and the Federal Emergency Management Agency will set up medical stations in the three states.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that states can’t get or produce enough masks, ventilators and essential medical equipment. Cuomo said masks which normally costs .85 cents, now costs $7. Ventilators that normally cost $16,000 are $40,000.

On Sunday, President Trump tweeted that large U.S. automakers would start to help make ventilators.


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