Treasury: 80 Million To Get Stimulus Payments This Week

WASHINGTON – You could be getting a paycheck from Uncle Sam this week, if you’re one of the lucky 80 million.

That’s how many Americans the Treasury Department hopes to distribute Coronavirus Stimulus Payments to.

So how could you be in that lucky bunch? If you’ve already filed your tax return and authorized direct deposit, you’re most likely to see the money dropped into your account soon.

Treasury officials say most eligible Americans will receive their payments within the next two weeks.

People who don’t file tax returns can enter their information on the Internal Revenue Service’s website.

Taxpayers who do file, but don’t use direct deposit, will be able to enter their bank information later this week. Everyone else will have to wait for paper checks, which will take considerably longer.

The money is from Congress’ $2.2trillion stimulus package. It’s aimed at keeping Americans, and the economy, afloat.



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