Chautauqua County Reports One New COVID-19 Case Wednesday

Photo: Pixabay

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County reported one new case of COVID-19 on Wednesday.

Officials say the new case involves a female in her 20’s.

The countywide confirmed total is now 28, with two actives cases, 23 recovered and 3 deaths.




  1. Given the potential for thousands of people from around the world to come to Chautauqua County, use public facilities, buy from limited supplies of groceries, and leave – the “reopening plan” for Chautauqua Institution needs to be shared with the public. It would be gross negligence to willingly defy social distancing protections in the name of entertainment for a population of largely elderly patrons. Our local health care infrastructure, telecommunications services and critical supply chain must not be unnecessarily stressed in order to enable large venue entertainment and congregation.

    • The masks don’t stop the virus, it just stops you from getting spit on which makes no sense if your touching things because its no different then if a person with a mask on touches into his hands before he gets out of his car and puts the mask on and walks into the store and then touches a cart or a product and puts it back down. You can be standing next to a person with a mask on and both of you are talking and still catch it.The fabric does not stop your air from coming thru and it does not stop you from breathing in that air. All it does do is stop the spread of saliva that that person my be spitting out or sneeze droplets,not the sneeze.

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