Spectrum Cable Rates Increasing This August

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JAMESTOWN – Spectrum cable customers can expect to see a price increase on their monthly bill.

Charter Spectrum says the broadcast TV surcharge will soon be going up $2.95 a month from $13.50 to $16.45.

The company says the increase reflects costs brought on by local broadcast TV stations.

Customers with Spectrum TV packages like TV Gold, TV Silver, and TV Select will see their bills increase $1.50 a month.

“Spectrum is committed to continuously enhancing our communication products, providing customers value-driven, superior connectivity services. We are delivering faster broadband speeds and improved performance and reliability, all as the average price per megabit per second and gig consumed declines dramatically,” Charter Spectrum Spokesperson Lara Pritchard said in a statement. “Conversely, programmers annually raise programming fees to deliver the same content, leading to higher costs across the entire industry. The increase we are passing through to viewers is a direct result of these rising programming costs. Similarly, we will pass through any rebates we receive from the loss of live sports during COVID-19.”

Officials say customers who have promotional packages may not see the increase until the end of the promotion period.


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