Cuomo Announces One Month With COVID Infection Rate Below 1%

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo wearing a mask. File image by Kevin P. Coughlin / Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. Photo date: 06/24/20.

ALBANY – For one month, New York State’s COVID infection rate has remained below 1%.

Governor Cuomo made the announcement Monday, adding 0.88% of tests reported to the state were positive.

The governor thanked New Yorkers for their hard work keeping the COVID rate down.

“Our numbers have continued to remain stable even as we reach new milestones in our phased, data-driven reopening. As we close out this Labor Day Weekend, I urge everyone to remain smart so we can continue to celebrate our progress in the weeks and months ahead. It took the work of all of us to get here and to protect this progress we will need to all continue to wash our hands, wear our masks, remain socially distant, and above all, stay New York tough,” Cuomo said.

A breakdown of each region’s percentage of positive test results over the last three days shows Western New York’s infection was 1.9% on Sunday.


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