Congressman Reed Facilitates Cooperation In Stimulus Talks

Image via PxHere / United States House of Representatives.

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed says his office has taken a strong role in ongoing negotiations of a second stimulus package as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. 

Reed spoke with reporters during his weekly media conference on Wednesday.

He tells us he’s talked “directly” to the “stakeholders” in the House, Senate and White House.

“Our primary goal has been to try to get these folks to get back in the room, talk to each other, because the only way we’re going to find true common ground is to communicate and be in that room to negotiate this out,” Reed said.

Reed says the House will be returning to Washington, D.C. next Monday.

“I think you’re going to see a higher visible, more visible approach of our group to really put pressure on all the stakeholders to say, ‘Get into the room, negotiate this out,'” Reed explained. “We’ll show you, if we have to, how you can do a line-by-line, type of agreement that’s a true compromise position to at least get us through so the American people don’t suffer through the election and into March so that you can bring some stability to the American people’s lives in the meantime.”

GOP Senate leaders introduced a scaled-back stimulus bill this week, with a vote scheduled for Thursday. However, the bill is expected not to receive the required 60 votes it needs to move to the Democrat-controlled House.


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