Governor Says Rapid Testing Is Key In Returning To Normalcy

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ALBANY – During the second part of his State of the State Address on Tuesday, New York’s Governor outlined a path to return to some sense of normalcy.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says residents need to stimulate the economy, with a return of arts and other in-person activities. One way to do that is expanding rapid testing sites.

“We have always understood the COVID reality, that the options for the economy are not to fully open or fully close, but rather to strike a new model of balance where we use science and technology to reopen the economy intelligently,” the Governor said.

Cuomo explains the government cannot facilitate reopening alone, but rather, needs cooperation from the people.

The Governor says that until the vaccine is available for the masses, testing, specifically, rapid testing, is key.

“Rapid testing poses great opportunities, it can be completed in as little as 15 minutes,” he said.

He noted the success of the model which enabled nearly 7,000 fans into Bills Stadium for a recent playoff game.

Cuomo wants rapid testing to take place before residents, for example, patronize a business or engage in a social activity.

“We will open hundreds of these new pop-up rapid testing sites statewide to bring this effort to scale,” the Governor said.

In an effort to preserve the arts community, the Governor announced New York State is launching the New York Arts Revival, a public private partnership to bring back the arts.

And, with so many people working and learning remotely, he says internet affordability will be a priority.

The governor proposed a first in the nation mandate that internet service providers recognize their public responsibility and offer $15 per month high speed internet service to all low-income households.

Wednesday, the Governor is expected to continue with his third State of the State presentation focusing on green energy.


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