Congressman Reed: Compromise Possible Despite Power Shift

Image via PxHere / United States House of Representatives.

WASHINGTON – The balance of political power will change at noon today in Washington, D.C. as the U.S. Senate and the White House will both become Democrat-controlled. 

Congressman Tom Reed, however, says the shift won’t stop him and others in the Problem Solvers Caucus from working together to find common ground with President-elect Joe Biden and other members of Congress.

Reed spoke with reporters Tuesday on the eve of Biden’s Inauguration. The Congressman says that he believes the government can find compromise on various issues that are on the forefront in the United States as 2021 continues.

“As President Biden takes office, I can assure you, we’ve already relayed to his people that there’s a group of us, especially those in the Problem Solvers Caucus, that are ready to debate the issues of the day as proud Republicans and as proud Democrats,” Reed said. “(The group) remains committed to staying in the room to find common ground so that we can lead with the people’s business and make sure the people are always kept in my mind as we go forward.”

Reed urges Biden to take a look at the $900 billion stimulus package recently passed, review his $1,9 trillion proposal, and work with Congress to find areas that both sides of the isle can compromise on. The Congressman says he sees COVID-19 vaccine distribution as one of those areas.

Discussions regarding an additional stimulus package are expected to continue.


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