No Decision Made In County Election Commissioner Appointment

Image by Chautauqua County Government / Zoom.

MAYVILLE – Lawmakers in Chautauqua County still have not come to a decision as to who will be the county’s next Democratic Election Commissioner.

Current Democratic Elections Commissioner Norm Green has held the post for 22 years and now as a holdover after lawmakers pulled his successor, Luz Torres’ appointment from a vote late last year.

Torres was previously approved by the county Democratic Committee for the job, however, some Democrats want Loren Kent to fill Green’s shoes.

Green addressed the county legislature during a virtual Zoom meeting on Wednesday night, saying he has accepted the body’s decision to not renew his tenure.

“February of last year Chuck Nizarro called me on the phone and said, ‘the county legislature will no longer support you,’ I accepted that, I went to work every day, I worked hard every day, I didn’t give up,” said Green. “I did what I was supposed to do.”

County lawmakers did not respond to Green’s public comments during Wednesday’s meeting.


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