Jamestown Mayor Continues COVID-19 Recovery In Quarantine

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JAMESTOWN – The City of Jamestown Mayor says he is recovering from fatigue caused by COVID-19.

Mayor Eddie Sundquist says he developed a fever over the weekend, which prompted him to get tested.

So far he experienced some congestion, developing a cough, and losing his taste and smell.

“I’m feeling better, I don’t have a fever anymore, most of the fatigue has gone away, with the new symptom has been the loss of taste and smell, which is a really strange sensation,” explained Sundquist. “I’m working with my physician to try and get better as soon as possible.”

The 32-year-old says he remains very concerned for those most at risk: the elderly and residents with pre-existing conditions.

“If we have to quarantine, if we have to isolate, if we have to try to do these things now in order to keep us safe, to keep our family members safe, to keep our friends safe, it is a small sacrifice we have make for the greater good of our community,” said Sundquist. “I know it is hard, I know it is a challenge, but we have to do this in order to make sure we are protected and to make sure there is a future for us; because it does no good seeing the number of people infected and the number of people who have died because of this pandemic.”

Sundquist doesn’t know where he caught the virus from, however because it is a communicable disease infection has popped up within city government before.

“As of the last week we started doing more double masking, things like that we are seeing from both the federal and state government,” said Sundquist. “This virus continues to change, whether it is with variants of new science, we still have a lot to learn.”

The Mayor has been working from home this week, connecting with his staff via Zoom.

He expected to be released from quarantine sometime next week.

One positive, Sundquist says, is the attention his dog is getting. He says she is thrilled with the overabundance of belly rubs.


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