Congressman Tom Reed Blasts “Partisan” Election Reform Bill

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed says he voted “no” on a bill Wednesday that called for election reform.

The bill, known as HR 1 or the For the People Act, passed by a 220-210 vote.

Reed addressed the media following the vote, chastising the Democratic majority for not taking up his amendment to the bill that would require voters to present a form of voter ID during voting.

He says that the bill as passed was nothing short of a “partisan” move.

“As to why the Democrats wouldn’t even allow a debate on that amendment shows you how political this bill is,” Reed said. “It’s all driven by politics to the left. It’s all driven to make the election not more secure.”

Reed says that Voter ID was a concept that did see bipartisan support in the House. He adds that a voter ID requirement wouldn’t violate a voter’s “fundamental right.”

The bill will now head to the U.S. Senate for debate and a vote. However, the bill may not have enough Republican support in the Senate to survive a filibuster.


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