Vote To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In New York Expected Soon

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ALBANY – A vote to legalize recreational marijuana in New York State could happen as soon as today.

That’s according to state Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes.

Over the weekend lawmakers reached a deal to legalize, tax and regulate recreational marijuana.

The legislation allows New Yorkers to possess up to three ounces and allows people to grow as many as six plants at home.

For products sold at dispensaries, there is a hefty 13% sales tax.

Peoples-Stokes believes legalizing the drug will create a lot of opportunities for people in the Empire State.

“I think the results are going to be transformative not just for a lot of people’s lives,” Peoples-Stokes said. “I think for a lot of communities across the state of New York. And a lot of jobs will be created. And a lot of people will have access to a business that they never had before. So, I’m excited about it.”

Not everyone is excited about marijuana becoming legal, however. There are major concerns that legalizing pot will lead to more people driving while impaired.


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